Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things season 3 kicks off today on Netflix. Will you be tuning in to watch it? We will be.

Here at LBUK headquarters, we’re a bit obsessed with the show if we’re being completely honest with you. We love the nostalgic 80’s culture references and spend most of our time in the office bickering over who’s right on the references.

To celebrate the release of season 3, Madrid Skateboards has once again collaborated show-makers for reissue of a timeless classic board which will feature in the show.

Introducing the Max Rampage Official Board Replica… 


The Madrid Max Rampage Skateboard has a wide bowl board shape, matched with wide 9″ Cadillac trucks, and not forgetting those juicy Madrid Fly wheels in a 62mm / 90a duro format. This American maple board has been finished with a nostalgic 80’s graphic andold-school board rails for a vintage look.

Available to order late in July.

While we wait for Max Rampage to drop here’s the season 3 trailer for Stranger Things.


Let us know if you are planning to purchase this sick new board or just holla at us with your favourite character from the show.

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Swine Stomp 2018

Guess what? it’s nearly time for Summer Swine Stomp! This is the Summer edition of one of three Hog Hill Events that happen each year. The Hog Hill longboarding events are central to the UK Longboard community calendar and we’re once again very happy to be a main sponsor for the event.

The Swine Stomp will be taking place from:

July 14th – July 15th 2018


Redbridge Cycle Centre – Forest Rd, Hainault – Ilford IG6 3HP

“Each occasion is a fantastic opportunity to ride with a huge cross-section of the UK longboard scene: from beginners and those looking to learn, through to seasoned racers dusting off the cobwebs and catching up with friends.”

You can go swoop your advance tickets here 

and join the community discussion on facebook over here


The best thing about Swine Stomp is the freedom to skate  your style – if you specialise in freeride, race, luge, slide, dance, slalom you’re free to take part in events or races that cater to your style. Alternatively, try something new or watch other people do the hard work.

Please note that to participate in Swine Stomp competitions you must wear a helmet to ride! This is important for your safety, and the organisers won’t let you ride without one. We also recommend gloves, and require them for the downhill events.
If you’re DownHhill racing, you’ll need a full face, and we strongly recommend additional pads (knees, elbows, etc)​

Below is a loose schedule for events on each Day

Saturday (1pm – 6pm)

  • Martin Swenney Memorial Trophy – Old School Tight Slalom
  • Slide & Dance James
  • Main Hill Freeride
  • Beginner sessions



Sunday (9.30am – 5.30pm)

  • Electric Skate Road Race
  • Giant Slalom
  • DH Racing
  • Slalom Taster Session

Come along to the campsite in the evening and chill out with the other skaters in a great atmosphere – when we’re at Lambourne End, expect a camp fire and some live music as well!

Helmets are mandatory while skating (including commuting around and flatland jam!) Helmets and gloves while sliding and skating the main hill, and Full Faces Mandatory for racing (we recommend kneepads) . We take safety seriously, as does our insurers (legal requirement) so we’re well covered as long as you guys keep your lids on! If you fall on a different part (a bit without pads) then St John’s Ambulance will be there to patch you up.

(Photo credit goes to Jim Knight – Cheers)


Welcome To The New LongboardsUK

Welcome to our new website, we hope you enjoy it!

We’ve upgraded everything and made things faster, sleeker and better. For the most part, things should be exactly the same. Just better!

If you’re looking for your old orders, you can login to your account on the old website.  If you still can’t find something, don’t hesitate to contact us.



2017 in the bag

Madrid’s 2017 line-up is something special this year, and there is something for everyone: Pintail Longboards, mini Cruiser Longboards, Drop-Through Longboards, and many more! This has to be Madrid’s best year for graphics, including some rad retro decks.

Paris Trucks come as standard on the new Madrid Core line so you are going to have a reliable ride no matter what you get up to.

 The Keith Haring inspired graphic of the Riot Workout is something awesome, the deck itself is a versatile short drop-through with a W-concave for ultimate control.

Dipped down low the new Madrid Spade ‘Dipped’ drop-through drop-platform board is about as low as you can get without getting road rash. Equipped with Paris Trucks and 78a Smoothride wheels, it is ready if you are.

As you can see, this is a stunning year for Madrid!

Havana have brought back their popular Kicktails with the Havana Birds and Havana Island, the affordable Cruiser longboard with plenty of character.

The Rev-Cruiser has returned and it has a sister with a natural wood deck with wood burnt design. The deck still has dual kicktails and a nice concave to it for popping ollies and trayflips alike.

Not to be outdone by it’s big brother the Havana Peso Banana also has a fresh new Red variant, you know, for cruising about with a buddy.

All of this and more can be found on LongboardsUK

You can find us on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Are you ready to roll?


Hogtoberfest is Coming!


It is October, Winter is coming, and we have a new blog post! This time we feature a guest post from Timmy and the Hog Hill Crew. These guys are responsible for one of the friendliest events on 4 wheels and a board in the UK. They like to focus on fun and inclusion, which is right on if you ask me.

It is an honour to help support events in a scene that we are passionate about and proud to be a part of. Below all the details, and if you keep scrolling you’ll find Timmy’s message. So go skate and meet some people as full of radness as you are!


The Lowdown:

Venue: Redbridge Cycle Centre, IG6 3HP
Times: Saturday 15th Oct 1pm  –  5pm
           Sunday  16th Oct 10am – 5pm
Spectators: Free
Skaters: Check for more info
All info:
Tags: #doaskate #skatehogtober


Hogtoberfest is part of a series of three multi-discipline (or rather “everyone’s welcome”) events at a cycle centre just out of East London. The whole ethos behind the events is inclusivity and fun, with slide jams, slalom, racing, dance jams, camping and plenty of room for you to skate whatever style or discipline you want over the course of Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday. This event in particular started off as an engine to try new things for the series, and every year it’s bigger and better, almost exclusively down to the great atmosphere created by all the riders from so many longboarding backgrounds getting together for a last big blast of the year. Camping can get a bit chilly but we’ve always got some music blasting and a camp fire burning to keep the mood high into the evening.


We have competitions (you don’t have to compete if you don’t want to, just keep skating!) and always have a great amount of support from shops and brands in the form of prizes, and usually some stuff left for a scramble at the end! Longboards UK have been helping us out with bits of sponsorship for a few years now, and it’s always great for us running events to be able to promote shops that still have physical locations you can go in and buy gear from – they’re huge assets to the scene, and very worth supporting.


If you’re new to the scene, or just never got involved before, now’s a good time. 6 years of Hog Hill events have honed these to fantastic diverse experiences of enjoyable skating with rad people. Come on down and check it out!

Still not sure? Check the videos for what’s already gone down this year. Expect the same again plus more from Hogtoberfest! See you there 🙂


Timmy and the Hog Hill crew