2017 in the bag

Madrid’s 2017 line-up is something special this year, and there is something for everyone: Pintail Longboards, mini Cruiser Longboards, Drop-Through Longboards, and many more! This has to be Madrid’s best year for graphics, including some rad retro decks.

Paris Trucks come as standard on the new Madrid Core line so you are going to have a reliable ride no matter what you get up to.

 The Keith Haring inspired graphic of the Riot Workout is something awesome, the deck itself is a versatile short drop-through with a W-concave for ultimate control.

Dipped down low the new Madrid Spade ‘Dipped’ drop-through drop-platform board is about as low as you can get without getting road rash. Equipped with Paris Trucks and 78a Smoothride wheels, it is ready if you are.

As you can see, this is a stunning year for Madrid!

Havana have brought back their popular Kicktails with the Havana Birds and Havana Island, the affordable Cruiser longboard with plenty of character.

The Rev-Cruiser has returned and it has a sister with a natural wood deck with wood burnt design. The deck still has dual kicktails and a nice concave to it for popping ollies and trayflips alike.

Not to be outdone by it’s big brother the Havana Peso Banana also has a fresh new Red variant, you know, for cruising about with a buddy.

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