Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things season 3 kicks off today on Netflix. Will you be tuning in to watch it? We will be.

Here at LBUK headquarters, we’re a bit obsessed with the show if we’re being completely honest with you. We love the nostalgic 80’s culture references and spend most of our time in the office bickering over who’s right on the references.

To celebrate the release of season 3, Madrid Skateboards has once again collaborated show-makers for reissue of a timeless classic board which will feature in the show.

Introducing the Max Rampage Official Board Replica… 


The Madrid Max Rampage Skateboard has a wide bowl board shape, matched with wide 9″ Cadillac trucks, and not forgetting those juicy Madrid Fly wheels in a 62mm / 90a duro format. This American maple board has been finished with a nostalgic 80’s graphic andold-school board rails for a vintage look.

Available to order late in July.

While we wait for Max Rampage to drop here’s the season 3 trailer for Stranger Things.


Let us know if you are planning to purchase this sick new board or just holla at us with your favourite character from the show.

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