Hogtoberfest is Coming!


It is October, Winter is coming, and we have a new blog post! This time we feature a guest post from Timmy and the Hog Hill Crew. These guys are responsible for one of the friendliest events on 4 wheels and a board in the UK. They like to focus on fun and inclusion, which is right on if you ask me.

It is an honour to help support events in a scene that we are passionate about and proud to be a part of. Below all the details, and if you keep scrolling you’ll find Timmy’s message. So go skate and meet some people as full of radness as you are!


The Lowdown:

Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/544477199079748/
Venue: Redbridge Cycle Centre, IG6 3HP
Times: Saturday 15th Oct 1pm  –  5pm
           Sunday  16th Oct 10am – 5pm
Spectators: Free
Skaters: Check http://hogtoberfest.blogspot.co.uk/p/registration.html for more info
All info: http://hogtoberfest.blogspot.co.uk
Tags: #doaskate #skatehogtober


Hogtoberfest is part of a series of three multi-discipline (or rather “everyone’s welcome”) events at a cycle centre just out of East London. The whole ethos behind the events is inclusivity and fun, with slide jams, slalom, racing, dance jams, camping and plenty of room for you to skate whatever style or discipline you want over the course of Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday. This event in particular started off as an engine to try new things for the series, and every year it’s bigger and better, almost exclusively down to the great atmosphere created by all the riders from so many longboarding backgrounds getting together for a last big blast of the year. Camping can get a bit chilly but we’ve always got some music blasting and a camp fire burning to keep the mood high into the evening.


We have competitions (you don’t have to compete if you don’t want to, just keep skating!) and always have a great amount of support from shops and brands in the form of prizes, and usually some stuff left for a scramble at the end! Longboards UK have been helping us out with bits of sponsorship for a few years now, and it’s always great for us running events to be able to promote shops that still have physical locations you can go in and buy gear from – they’re huge assets to the scene, and very worth supporting.


If you’re new to the scene, or just never got involved before, now’s a good time. 6 years of Hog Hill events have honed these to fantastic diverse experiences of enjoyable skating with rad people. Come on down and check it out!

Still not sure? Check the videos for what’s already gone down this year. Expect the same again plus more from Hogtoberfest! See you there 🙂


Timmy and the Hog Hill crew